We offer a wide range of RVs to fit your family's needs!

Having previously rented vehicles to visitors, we realized there is a huge need for quality options for families who are visiting the state. For that reason, we created Alaska RV Rentals.

Our goal is to help ensure that adventurers to Alaska enjoy a great trip and get to see Alaska as it should be - at their doorstep.

Currently, we have 8 Class C RVs to choose from. We maintain and take care of our own fleet. We are not a large conglomerate, so we are able to remain personal. We make sure each unit is stocked with all the essential needs that you will have as you travel throughout this great state.

Our RVs house from 6 to 8 passengers and are all carefully maintained to ensure a safe and comfortable trip throughout the state.

Book now and save

The earlier you are able to book your trip, the more you can save. If you wait, great deals can escape, and so can the RVs.

Feel safe and at ease

Our comprehensive coverage options help to ensure your trip is one that can be enjoyed without worry. Just enjoy the stay.

Helpdesk Support

We are here to help you and make sure that you are well taken care of. You can call on us for suggestions and support before and during your trip.