2015 Coachmen Leprechaun M-230 CB Chandler (7740CL)

Class C




Plenty of room for the whole family. The RV can comfortably sleep, 4 adults and 2 children. The queen bed and the overhead full-queen size bunk can comfortably sleep 4 adults and the drop down table/bed can comfortably sleep 2 children.

Perfect for your Alaskan Adventure!

Please note that this RV comes equipped with the following:

A fully furnished bedroom and bathroom, which includes:

2 - queen-size quilts (washed and folded)

4 - pillows with pillowcases (washed and folded)

2 - bed sheet sets (washed and folded)

4 - full size bath towels (washed and folded)

4 - hand towels (washed and folded)

4 - rolls of RV friendly toilet paper

A fully furnished kitchen which includes:

2 - cast iron pots

3 - cutting kitchen knifes

20 - piece cutlery set: 4 dessert fork, 4 dessert spoons, 4 dinner forks, 4 dinner spoons, and 4 dinner knives

13 - piece dish set: 4 drinking cups, 4 plates, 4 bowls, 1 salad bowl

4 - coffee cups

5 - measuring cups set (1 Cup, ½ Cup, ⅓ Cup, ¼ Cup, ⅛ Cup)

5 - measuring spoon set (1 tbsp, ½ tbsp, 1 tsp, ½ tsp, ¼ tsp)

6 - misc cooking utensils: solid spoon, slotted spoon, 2 solid turners, slotted turner, soup ladle

1 - Whisk

1 - Grater

1 - Spatula

1 - Tongs

1 - Peeler

1 - Ice cream spoon

1 - Wine opener

1 - roll of unopened paper towel

1 - unopened dishwashing sponge

1- salt and pepper shaker

You can request for additional quantities from the list of items above. Please request in advance and additional charges will apply.

Furthermore, this RV is equipped with a freshwater hose and a sewage disposal hose. I provide disposable rubbers gloves, complementarily.

For an additional cost, I can provide the following:

Outdoor grill with gas cylinder

Camping chairs

Ice cooler(s)

No smoking in RV. No climbing on roof. No driving on gravel or sand roads, occasional side road okay. No fish processing in RV.

Please understand that Pick Up Time is 2PM and Drop Off Time is 10AM. We have a very busy schedule and many times the RV is scheduled to be released back at 2PM the same day, that is why is it important that you bring the RV back to us by 10AM so the next guest can rent it without any delays. Remember we still need to clean the RV and we have a very short turnaround window.

Please understand that if you want to pick the RV up before 2PM, if available, it will be an additional $20/hr for every hour before 2PM. For instance, if you would like to pick the RV up at 12PM, that will be an additional $40 (12PM is 2 hours before 2PM. 2hrs x $20/hr).

Similarly, if you return the RV after 10AM, you will be charged $20/hr for any additional hour after 10AM. For instance, if you decided to drop the RV off at 12PM, that will be an additional $40 (12PM is 2 hours after 10AM. 2hrs x $20/hr).

If you drop off the RV after 2PM, you will be automatically charged for an entire day at your daily rate plus tax. No exceptions.

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